JVC 4K – Back to the Future?

Remember the days when a video camera had two separate sections? One, the lens bit carried by the videographer, and the other a recording bit carried by the sound guy?

Ahh, happy memories. And it looks as though we could soon be re-living them if JVC gets its way.

In amongst the blizzard of announcements from IBC2014 are a couple of interesting ones from the Japanese company, the first of which is a concept camera labelled the GW- SP100. It comprises a camera unit and separate recorder, just like the old days.

JVC GW-SP100 4K mini camera
JVC GW-SP100 4K mini camera

The camera section¬†uses¬†an interchangeable Micro Four-Thirds¬†lens mount – chosen due to its “shallow flange depth” apparently (fnarr, fnarr) – and features¬†a¬†new Super 35mm CMOS image sensor to create¬†4096×2160 or 3840×2160 resolution at up to 50/60p. The sensor has¬†13.6 megapixels and has been¬†developed by JVC‚Äôs sister company, AltaSens.

The proposed recording unit captures the footage to SDXC memory cards and includes a foldable, detachable, 7-inch monitor. It would also provide the same wireless IP capabilities as the GY-HM890 camcorder for streaming and camera control.

Even more interestingly, the mini camera could be attached to the MT-GB001 gimbal and strapped into a drone helicopter system. JVC says this means that while the camera produces cinematic images it also has applications for broadcast news and documentaries.

The other 4K concept from JVC is a compact all-in-one camcorder, labelled the GY-LS300 (where do they get these names?). It uses the same sensor and MFT lenses as above, with converters available for PL-mount and other lenses.


The prototype is said to save 4K images to SDHC / SDXC cards, with a dual codec system providing simultaneous recording and streaming of HD/SD and HD/proxy files.

No word yet on price or when the tasty little numbers will actually be available, sadly. Get the lowdown at www.jvcpro.eu

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