Offload your footage with a Giant

There’s a new addition to the Red Giant “Shooter Suite” of software and it’s called Offload.

As the name implies, the program is designed to help film-makers quickly copy footage off (often expensive) solid-state recording media and onto alternate off-camera storage such as hard drives. That way, the solid-state card can quickly be re-used for more filming.

The $49 USD software runs on both Mac (OS X) and PC (Windows 7 & 8, 64-bit) and – say Red Giant – “works with virtually all cameras, cards and media formats” although quite what “virtually all” actually translates to is unclear.

Red Giant Offload
Red Giant Offload

It looks very simple to use: pop your card into the computer, run the software and it makes an instant copy and backup of the files. You might think – well, duh, I can do that myself (and indeed you can) but anything that simplifies and streamlines the process can be welcome.

The company’s made a splendidly amusing film to promote the program (below), otherwise take a look at

There’s also a “getting started” video:

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