HitFilm goes Pro for version 3

Version 3 of special effects software suite HitFilm is soon to be released, according to its authors, British company FXHome – and they’re calling it “HitFilm Pro”.

The new release has a revised, sleeker-looking user interface along with twenty¬†new effects and is OpenFX compatible which means that other company’s effects should plug in to it, such as those from GenArts.

HitFilm Pro 3 main screen
HitFilm Pro 3 main screen

New features include background proxying so you can crack on with work while the software renders things in the background; mask¬†tracking in HitFilm Mocha (actually, that’s very cool – see the video below); 3D particle textures; better 3D rendering; and “photoreal virtual shots” (see the video below the video below…); object removal; and a better 3D workspace.

This zoom out with perspective was, they say, actually created from a single still image projected onto several planes:-

Oddly, the company is offering this new release for free – yes, free – to anyone who bought their standalone HitFilm Effects which we reviewed last year and as such the standalone software no longer seems to be available.

This will come as a pleasant bonus for anyone who made that purchase Рand a right kick in the teeth for those who forked out the dosh for the full HitFilm product instead, who have to pay an upgrade fee currently listed as $169 USD (which translates, even more irritatingly, to £139 GBP despite the US-UK exchange rate). The full price is $299 USD.

You can order the software now via our Amazon link at http://amzn.to/1wksxCD (for which we get a tiny commission, and thank you).

Get the full gen on FXHome’s blog, at¬†http://hitfilm.com/blog/announcing-hitfilm-3-pro/

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