New action cam from Drift

Drift Innovation have announced a new version of their “Stealth” action cam, snappily named “Stealth 2”, the baby brother to the company’s “Ghost” camera (buy that camera via our Amazon associate link here:

Drift Innovation Stealth 2 next to a Ghost

Drift Innovation Stealth 2 next to a Ghost

The revised model is now said to be 40% lighter and about half the size of the original model. It features HD recording (1920 x 1080) at 30fps – for those of us outside NTSC-land it can also do 25fps, hooray! – and a 300-degree rotatable lens (field of view is 135 degrees) so that you can get straight pictures even if mounting the camera on tilted surfaces. There’s a slowmo 720p mode at 60fps (/50fps) too.

A separate remote can be used if stabbing at buttons on the device itself is too fiddly for you. It can also be set to an in-car dashcam mode as well as offering timelapse functionality.

Files are encoded in H.264 at up to 20Mbps but there’s no input for an external mic so you’ll have to rely on its built-in mic.

Drift Innovation Stealth 2 features

Drift Innovation Stealth 2 features

It’s weather resistant and has a built-in monochrome screen for settings and the firm says its battery will last for 3 hours. They’ve done a demo, look:

To buy one of these from Amazon UK, here’s our affiliate link (which means we get a tiny bit of commission to keep the website going): – there’a also a version with a 16GB memory card for a fiver more, at or the full monty package with remote control at

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