Vimeo goes international

Arty video hosting website Vimeo has added a host of features designed to up its international appeal.

For a start they’ve partnered with a non-profit service called Amara which provides subtitling services. You can pay for them to subtitle and caption your video, and have the option of then also paying for translated versions of those subtitles.

Vimeo's Amara subtitling option
Vimeo’s Amara subtitling option

Alternatively, there’s a free version of a tool provided by Amara for you to enter your own subtitles as you watch your video play back.

We’ve had a go with it and it works really well though it is of course mind-numbingly laborious to go through a video typing out – then correcting – everything that’s said, and making sure that the captions tally up in timing with the speech. Kudos to the Amara tool for being easy to use and enabling you to adjust everything very easily though.

The other change at Vimeo is that they now take Euro as a currency for Vimeo On Demand. Sadly no British Pound yet but the company says more currencies will come in the next few months.

Vimeo is taking Euro as a currency now
Vimeo is taking Euro as a currency now

Finally, along with English, French, German, and Spanish, the Vimeo website itself is now available in Japanese.

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