YouTube gives credit to creators

YouTube has added a new premium feature for Creators with 10,000 subscribers or more.

“Creator Credits” is a way of linking directly to other Creators within the description of a video so that they can be¬†recognised for the role they played in the video. A list of pre-set roles is available (“writer”, “camera operator” etc) with “dozens” to choose from, they say.

YouTube credits screenshot
YouTube credits screenshot

Sure, you’ve been able to do this manually all the time but these give not just a one-click link but also an easy “subscribe” option to help draw more viewers to those other channels.

We think it’s unfortunate that it’s limited to channels with 10k+ subs already as the ones that could do with the promotional boost are those who have fewer subscribers.

YouTube says it’s “working to make this feature available to more of you soon” but we can’t see any good reason why there should be an arbitrary 10k limit in the first place.

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