New 4K camcorders from JVC

JVC has announced a slew of new 4K-capable handheld camcorders under the moniker “4KCam”.

The cams do look intriguing;¬†the base model,¬†labelled GY-HM170, has a single 1/2.3″ CMOS chip with 12.7 megapixels and loads of control buttons on the body.

It saves 30p (/25p) 4K (or 60p/50p HD or SD) footage at 150Mbps (yes, you read that right) as H.264 onto dual SDXC cards (for backup or continuous recording). UHS-1 Class 3 cards are required, for obvious reasons. File format is .mov for 4K and .mov or .mts for HD


There’s a 12x optical zoom lens with two levels of ND filter; that lens is f1.2 at best, ramping down to f3.5. Zoom range¬†runs from¬†29.5 to 354mm (35mm equivalent). There are nine user-assignable buttons. We do like a user-assignable button here at Tubeshooter.

It’s quoted as recording the aforementioned 4K as well as 4:2:2 HD at 50Mbps, and has a 24x electronic zoom¬†when in HD (ie it’s using all those spare pixels on the sensor to give you an HD crop) which JVC claim is lossless.

The camcorder spits out a live 4K video signal over HDMI for external recording or monitoring; and it has a built-in stereo mic and a 3.5mm unbalanced mic input. There’s no XLR audio though – for that you need to step up to the next model, the GY-HM200.

Speaking of which, the GY200 looks very similar but has an XLR audio handle on top. . This model has the added bonus of being able to stream live via protocols including RTMP, to hardware decoders, Ustream, Wowza Streaming Engine and Zixi servers.


There’s also a super-sized super-sensor version called the GY-LS300CHE which looks similar but uses interchangeable lenses, being built with a Super 35mm sensor on a micro-four-thirds lens mount.


All the cams include a 3.5-inch LCD display and 1.56 megapixel colour viewfinder, each with focus assist functions.

More info on the HM170 is at

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And the LS300’s at¬†

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