New identities for YouTube Creators

A change is in the air for YouTube Creators with at least 500 subscribers to their channel – an unusually low bar for YouTube’s enhancements which have often demanded thousands of subscribers in the past.

As channels grow, the original choice of username can become outdated, inaccurate or just plain embarrassing. Now YouTube is going to offer a selection of alternatives based on your channel’s description, Google identity and associated websites.

We’ve had this before on Google+ where it tried to suggest the Tubeshootermag name should be applied to the G+ account of our editor (rather than Tubeshooter itself) so that wasn’t helpful.

YouTube custom URL choice
YouTube custom URL choice

This new system does appear to let you decline their helpful suggestions though or – according to their blog post albeit not their help page – request a different custom URL (we live in hope)

If you’re one of the lucky Creators to benefit you’ll be notified by email or by notifications within YouTube. At the time of writing, we haven’t been so lucky and feel rather rejected. Sniff.

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