Vimeo chills out to DMCA demands

There has been no small amount of coverage of YouTube’s recent-ish introduction of its copyright strike system which has both enabled legitimate copyright owners to issue infringement notices against people uploading their content without permission, and a whole host of cheapskate scammers and fraudsters to issue claims for content they have no rights to whatsoever.

Alternative video hosting platform Vimeo also has a “DMCA” (Digital Millennium Copyright Act – the US law that provides for all this) policy in place but has decided, in the interests of balance, to also¬†lodge¬†any takedown requests issued to it to a monitoring organisation.

Chilling Effects”¬†provides a ‚Äúresource for understanding speech issues and legal complaints about online activity‚ÄĚ by collecting and publishing¬†complaints made under the DMCA thus providing a bit of transparency to how the system is being used.

ChillingEffects banner
ChillingEffects banner

Vimeo says it’s a big fan of creative video work, openness and copyright and wants to strike a balance between the lot but acknowledges that simply applying the DMCA and removing works¬†is not necessarily always right without some kind of monitoring.

They are going to anonymise their submissions though.

It’s an interesting step; get more info on Vimeo at¬† and at

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