Unbox & First Test: Rode Stereo VideoMic X (SVMX)

Rode’s VideoMic series has always been a very popular and low-cost option for film-makers but here’s their latest release in the line, the Stereo VideoMic X and it’s not cheap! In fact, it retails for around £600 inc VAT. So why would you want one and what’s it like? We take a look.

And for more samples of the mic’s output, take a listen to this – best done on decent headphones or a good loudspeaker system rather than crappy speakers, laptops, tablets or phones. It includes footsteps on muddy & gravel paths; running water; wildlife at the duckpond; a dog; cars; and a grand piano.

Note also the following aspects will affect the sound:
1) The pre-amps on the camcorder used (XF200)
2) The audio render for upload to YouTube
3) YouTube’s re-render of the item for playback
4) Your soundcard / amp
5) Your listening device (headphones / speakers)
6) Your room acoustics
7) Your hearing!

Music used with permission of both composer and performer:-
Pianist – Daniel Harding, University of Kent
Music – “Unicorn in Rainbows” © Alison Wrenn

Filming on a Canon XF200 (into which the Rode SVMX was plugged), with keyboard cutaway shots on a Sony PXW-X70.

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