Vimeo goes 4K; well, sort of

Artsy video hosting website Vimeo is now offering 4K video – but for downloads only and for paid members of the site.

If you’re on Vimeo Pro and selling On Demand, you can now tick an option to make your 4K uploads available to viewers in (re-encoded) 4K as a viewing option; other Vimeo users will still be able to download your original source footage in 4K if that’s what you uploaded and assuming you ticked the other box to make the source available.

The site’s blog states that they don’t support 4K streaming yet and suggest that it’s up to broadband providers to hike their bitrates to the home before Vimeo sees it as viable.

Details and plenty of comments from Vimeo members at

Meanwhile the company has also just revamped its mobile website. They say it’s faster, offers more functionality than the old one and is better looking.

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