Vessel readies on slipway for 2015 launch

It’s the much talked-about startup with heavyweight founders and backers that could just mark the beginning of the end for YouTube as we know it – “Vessel” is getting ready to launch a website (and app) that promises to pay video creators far more for their efforts than Google’s platform ever has, and they’re proactively signing up YouTube celebrity names.

The idea’s simple; Creators sign a contract to deliver their videos exclusively to Vessel for a fixed period (minimum 72 hours) before releasing them elsewhere. In return, Vessel promises revenue that – they say – could be around $50 USD per 1,000 views (kerching! Yes please!). That’s a whole load more dosh than YouTube’s ad revenue split will ever provide.

Vessel iPad Channels
Vessel iPad Channels

Vessel says it’ll do this two ways. Firstly, the audience will have to pay $2.99 USD per month which Creators get a share of. Secondly there will be advertising but with a much greater revenue split towards the Creators: 70% versus YouTube’s 45%

The way the subscription payments will be doled out is a 60% share to Creators, divided up by their share in viewing duration (not views though,  interestingly – it’s duration ie minutes watched).

Clearly the whole pay upfront proposition is only going to work for Creators who’ve established a rabid and substantial fanbase – people on the scale of PewDiePie, Zoella and the like*, those with at least hundreds of thousands of subscribers already.

For the rest of us – for example, Tubeshooter has just shy of 1,000 YouTube subscribers at the time of writing, sob – YouTube will no doubt continue to play the most important role in getting video out there to the mass market.

Take a look, and perhaps apply, via

Vessel Logo
Vessel Logo

*We are not saying these people have signed up to Vessel. It was just an example, OK?

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