Top award for UK YouTube pioneer

A young entrepreneur in the UK has been awarded a medal from Her Majesty the Queen in the latest batch of New Year’s Honours.

24-year-old Jamal Edwards founded the SB.TV music channel which has now grown to boast more than half a million subscribers. His brand also now encompasses fashion, gaming and tech channels although it was “grime” music where the channel began and where its main emphasis still lies.

In – originally single-handedly – developing the channel, Edwards is said to have amassed himself an £8 million fortune and made friends with celebrity business people such as Sir Richard Branson.

The MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) medal along with the other Honours are handed out to those who have made more than a usual mark on a particular sector and include politicians, charity workers and everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Mr Edwards has now updated his Twitter profile accordingly ;-)

Jamal Edwards MBE
Jamal Edwards MBE

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