Tweaks for Canon consumer camcorders

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News from the Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Canon has announced revisions to its line up of consumer-grade “point and shoot” camcorders at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Three Legria (Vixia in the US) HF-R models are announced, the entry-level 606 plus the 66 and 68.

Still only HD rather than 4K – presumably the typical consumer is yet to buy into UHD – the camcorders have a 32x optical zoom. Usefully, the R68 is supplied with an easy-fit wide angle adapter which gives a claimed 26.9mm field of view.

Slow-mo (to half speed) and fast-mo (to 1200x) is offered along with WiFi and NFC. An unusual feature is “Zoom Framing Assist” which provides¬†a “dedicated search button”¬†which makes¬†the camcorder pan (do they mean zoom?) out to help you relocate your subject before zooming in again.

Recording is to mp4 or AVCHD (or both) including 50p (60p US). All models include a headphone socket but no microphone jack.

Prices in the UK are £249, £329 and £349 for the R606, R66 and R68 respectively. Availability is from February.

Canon Legria HF R66
Canon Legria HF R66

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