Rode unveil “world’s best” microphone

It’s a bold claim but we’d expect nothing less of Rode. The not-in-the-slightest-bit-shy-and-retiring Australian microphone manufacturer has announced a selection of interesting new microphones including one which they say is “the world’s best”.

Rode NTR microphone close up
Rode NTR microphone close up

That mic is the NTR ribbon mic designed for studio use. They say it’s “unlike any ribbon microphone ever created”.¬†The design apparently places the ribbon distinctly separate to the microphone frame and body (it levitates?!) to ensure¬†acoustic transparency and minimise resonance.

The ribbon element was designed¬†from scratch, using aluminium that is 1.8 microns thick¬†using a¬†proprietary laser technique.¬†That¬†element is then surrounded by a metal mesh as¬†used on the SMR pop shield. Rode says it’s extremely rigid” resulting in acoustic transparency.¬†A high output, low-noise, low impedance transformer completes the package.

Take a look at¬†¬†for everything you’ve ever wanted to know.

Also announced are two new versions of a shotgun mic labelled NTG4 and NTG4+, the latter boasting an inbuilt rechargeable lithium-ion battery so negating the need for the usual AA cells.

Both have a new capsule with lower noise and greater sensitivity than prior NTG-series mics. Adjustment features include a 75Hz high pass filter, 10dB pad and high frequency boost to compensate for any loss when using a furry windshield, as seen on the recently-introduced Stereo VideoMic X.

The NTG4+’s battery¬†claims up to¬†150 hours operation¬†and is¬†charged via any USB power source using a¬†supplied MicroUSB cable. We’re not sure about this feature.¬†All camera operators generally carry a warehouse’s-worth of spare AA cells so it’s no problem to slap one into a mic – but if the mic has an inbuilt rechargeable and it’s run out of charge then you’re stuffed. So, nice idea but we’d rather have¬†an¬†AA version, we think.

Rode NTG4 and 4Plus large
Rode NTG4 and 4Plus

Full info on the new NTG is at or

Finally, and most interestingly perhaps, an entry into the wireless mic market with a new digital system promising 24-bit / 44.1kHz resolution at up to 100 yards. The “RodeLink” will be offered in various configurations starting with the ubiquitous beltpack / lav mic and receiver combo, branded the “Filmmaker Kit”.

Rode Wireless Mic Filmmaker Kit
Rode Wireless Mic Filmmaker Kit

It transmits on 2.4GHz using two channels simultaneously (for avoidance of data loss due to noise and interference, we presume), hopping between frequencies as it goes in order to find the best slot. Rode is promising very competitive pricing on the kit which will, they say, revolutionise the market!

The¬†system’s powered by AA cells or USB and offers a 3-stage gain control. Get the full gen at¬†

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