Sayonara, Google Plus!

Everyone hated it (didn’t they?) and at last YouTube has seen sense and announced thatĀ it’s working on unbundling YouTube channels from the deeply unpopular Google Plus.

At the moment if you want a YouTube channel, you’re forced to have a G+ identity too, especially if you want to enable and reply to comments. Many people hated this requirement when it was introduced because they were all quite happy with comments on the YT channel and saw no need to be made to use G+.

Whilst the requirement remains in place for the moment, YouTube has issued a blog post stating that they’re looking to enableĀ video creators to disconnect from G+ “in the coming months” (not soon enough, we think!)

Other changes being brought in but with immediate effect include a better ranking system for comments – supposedly – to keep spam at bay and, more usefully bearing in mind what we just said above, that comments on YouTube and Google+ will now be specific to each platform rather than shared.

Now if we could just undo the unusability changes they made with the latest version of the iOS app, we’d be very happy indeed…

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