Look! A New Lite Light!

‘Tis the season to be jolly … as with IBC upon us, manufacturers are unveiling all sorts of lovely toys to add to your Christmas wish list.

Today it’s the turn of Litepanels who’ve announced a diddy little on-camera LED light called the Brick. It’s bi-colour (ie tunable to tungsten or daylight colour temp) and uses “high CRI” LEDs (they all say that, mind you).

Here’s the claimed spec: up to 1060 LUX (98 Footcandles) at 5ft (1.5M) – which is quite a lot – and it draws 19W – which is not very much at all really. It dims from 0-100% and Litepanels say it has no flickering or discernible colour shift.

Litepanels Brick LED light
Litepanels Brick LED light

Here’s the even better news for, well, those who like news – specifically VJs and ENG camera operators – it’s IP65 certified ie splash proof for filming in the rain, and it’s dust tight as well.

Power is from a 3-foot-long D-tap cable and has 1/4″-20 mountings.

Should you feel the urge to be bold with your list to Santa, you might like to specify the Kit version which also includes:

  • Half white diffusion gel
  • Manfrotto 244 Micro articulating arm
  • 6ft (1.8 m) international power supply
  • 60° honeycomb frame
  • Soft diffusion frame
  • Waterproof hard case with custom foam for safe transportation

Let’s face it, you’re going to want the Kit aren’t you?

Should you also need it, there’s an Anton/Bauer QRG-LG plate and an Anton/Bauer PowerTap extension available too.

No word on price but Litepanels aren’t generally cheap so you’d better hope you’ve been very good this year.

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