Taking gold – audio editor update

Popular, longstanding, even legendary “shareware” (remember that?) audio editor Goldwave has had yet another makeover from its author.

The latest version, 6.16, offers:

  • Improved graphs for Noise Reduction and Spectrum Filter
  • Marker preview option when moving markers with the mouse
  • Windows file type associations (how did it not have these before?)
  • Descriptions for keyboard functions
  • Updated connection protocol for GWRemote (app-based remote controller)
  • Updated Ogg Vorbis plug-in
  • More themes
  • Plus fixes and other improvements
Goldwave Audio Editor
Goldwave Audio Editor

If you’ve missed it, Goldwave first came about back when its main competitor was Cool Edit which morphed into what’s now Adobe Audition. Goldwave has stayed resolutely independent though and a single low-cost purchase price buys you lifetime upgrades. We’re fans here at Tubeshooter; it’s splendidly powerful software (especially its noise reduction algorithm) and we’ve used it for well over a decade having paid that one single fee for our licence.

So yes, a little unashamed plug here for a bit of software that we’re delighted to see is still being maintained and updated.

Get your copy at www.goldwave.com (you’ll need a 64-bit copy of at least Windows 7 to run the latest release; others work fine on older versions of Windows)

Here’s their promo video too:

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