Another major update for HitFilm

Every time we blink there’s another update to the HitFilm effects / editing software and now the list of features has got so long we don’t know what half of them are or how we’d use them.

This is great of course if you’re a very keen film editor and need great big dollops of special effects power; for example, the software now has:-

  • Improved¬†animation controls with value graph & Bezier paths
  • Alembic format for animated¬†3D models
  • Boris FX 3D Objects for titling
  • New 3D lighting model
  • Normal & bump maps
  • Dynamic¬†3D reflections
  • Grid emitters for particle simulations
  • Soft particles for smoke
  • New audio effects library
  • Variable playback with JKL¬†control
  • Rate stretch for retiming clips and layers
  • Corner pinning in Mocha HitFilm

(list taken from the HitFilm blog). Seriously, it’ll take you a week just to read properly through the features list. Considering it costs a pretty reasonable¬†$349¬†($169 upgrade), it’s probably worth a punt.

Caveat: we ended up uninstalling our copy of HitFilm Pro 3 because whenever there was a version update – which is often – it would repeatedly nag at us to update in the middle of working our projects. This got tiresome very quickly. This may be fixed in the latest version, with luck.

Take a look at the videos at for more info.

HitFilm 4
HitFilm 4

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