Video Review: Rode VideoMicro & Videomic Me

Their VideoMic Pro is almost legendary in the field of low cost audio recording for camcorders and DSLRs but now Rode have unveiled two even more compact microphones aimed at the vlogging and mobile journalism markets.

The VideoMicro and the Videomic Me are the same microphone but with different mounting hardware and intended applications. The Micro comes with a cold shoe on a Rycote Lyre suspension and will  therefore fit camcorders and DSLR-type cameras; the Videomic Me is designed to plug directly into mobile phones.

Rode VideoMicro

Rode VideoMicro

Both come with a (necessary!) furry windjammer and both offer a decently directional response, in other words recording more sound from in front of them than from the sides or behind. This is useful when filming because generally the sounds you want to hear are the ones the camera is pointed at.

Rode Videomic Me

Rode Videomic Me

For an ultra-low price and with good sound quality which will almost certainly be better than any inbuilt microphones, this is a product we at Tubeshooter have no trouble recommending.

Buy the VideoMicro from Amazon UK here: (for which we get a tiny commission if you use our link – thank you!)

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