New monitors from Aputure

Remember how much we liked the slimline low cost 7-inch VS-2 monitor screen from Aputure?

Well they’ve only gone and announced some new models to the line-up!

The VS-1 and VS-2 “Fine HD” versions succeed the prior models¬†and offer a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels for full HD viewing with room to spare. But the kicker’s the price: under $200 USD for the VS-1 edition.

VS-1 Fine HD
VS-1 Fine HD

Normally we’d assume any monitor would¬†have to be a pile of junk for that money but our experience with the original VS-2 suggests otherwise.

The company’s boasting a thin, lower power, light weight but brighter (450 cd/m2 vs 400) display with new functions in the firmware (which hopefully might address the odd niggles we had with the prior model)

Oddly, while viewing angles are up (160 degree) on the new VS-1, they’re down a bit on the VS-2 Fine HD but only by a fraction.

Inputs are HDMI, component and composite; the more expensive VS-2 model has features such as histogram, peaking, zebra and false colour so we’d suggest this is the one you really want to buy. It also has audio monitoring with on-screen level meters. Yum.

VS-1 Fine HD front view
VS-1 Fine HD front view

Both are powered by Sony camcorder batteries such as the NP-F series though power consumption has gone up on the VS-1 from 6W to 7W (down from 11 on the VS-2, oddly)

Not sure when they’re actually available and hopefully we’ll get one of the VS-2 models in for a review at some point.

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