Mac topiarists, rejoice!

A new tool has been launched for the Mac to assist with import and backup of video footage.

“Hedge” version 1 is promising “stress-free video importing: no more corrupt copies, incomplete backups or lost footage”.

Hedge for Mac - file import
Hedge for Mac – file import

The idea is that the app makes multiple, verified copies of your footage as it brings it in off the memory cards. It can also automatically launch AppleScripts for functions such as sorting, transcoding, renaming and tagging. The software is said to support card formats including REDMAG, Compact Flash, XQD, SxS and P2.

There’s a free version but it’s limited to two simultaneous transfers which should be enough to get the measure of it. Fully functioning paid versions¬†cost¬†$15 USD a month or $150 a year, ‚ā¨15 / ‚ā¨150 in Europe. Those subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time.

The software needs Mac 64-bit, OS X 10.10 and up. Get more info at

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