We’re in the middle of testing the AX53 4K camcorder from Sony at present – full review here soon. In the meantime, here’s our unboxing and initial impressions.

4 thought on “Video: Sony AX53 unboxing”
  1. hi,

    I just saw your video about unboxing the AX53. When you start your tests, please have a look at the sound, especially in silent environments. I noticed noise as long as I kept it in my hands. When I put it onto a table within 2 seconds noise dissapeared. After taking it into my hands again noise started again. After having reported this in a German forum editors of a magazine in Germany reproduced this with a tripod, see the video in http://www.videoaktiv.de/praxistechnik/camcorder-hintergrundinfo/4k-top-camcorder-2016-panasonic-vx989/vxf999-vs-sony-ax53.html.

    I would be interested in your experience and what you think the reason could be. Due to the effect that noise stoppes within 2 seconds after laying it down on a table I think it must have to do with the BOSS system. I was not able to get a really good sound in silent environments, not even in manual mode as you described this with a Canon somewhere in your youtube channel.

    Sony support could not help me. They simply said they never heard about this issue and asked me to exchange the camera. I did this twice – first to another AX53 that came up with the same issue and then to the Canon.

    At the end I returned it and decided for a Canon HF G40. Not a 4 k camera, not such a good stabilizer as the AX53, but perfect manual control and a really good image quality.

    I wait for your tests.

    Best regards

  2. Thanks for the info on this camcorder so far. I’m looking forward to seeing your fuller review. Incidentally, this is not directly related to this product but it could be used with it. I’ve just heard about a new Sennheiser stereo microphone for mounting on DSLRs and camcorders which is quite intriguing. I’m wondering if Sennheiser could be persuaded to send you a MKE 440 for testing:


    1. Many companies are not as forthcoming with review products as we’d like but a request can always be made… stand by.

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