New headset mic from Rode

Gamers (and many others) rejoice; Rode have introduced a new headset mic, an update of their HS1 product.

Rode HS2 microphone in black
Rode HS2 microphone in black

Called – surprise! – the HS2, the company is pitching it at corporate presenters, panel discussions and that kind of thing. We at Tubeshooter think it will go down a storm with gamers who want a decent mic to chat to their fellow online players with but don’t want it picking up extraneous sounds.

That said, the mic has an omnidirectional pickup pattern but since it’s designed to be worn with a few centimetres of the mouth, this shouldn’t be an issue.  It’ll need to plug into the PC’s mic jack but most laptops and PCs still have such a thing these days.

Rode say the cable “will not be damaged when pulled on or adjusted at the back of the neck” due to a new strain relief system, and it comes with a 3.5mm jack which can optionally have a locking nut on it for connection to the firm’s wireless kits.

It’s shipping now; more info at or watch the video below.

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