New GoPro and a drone too

GoPro has announced two new GoPro action cameras, the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session. Both shooting 4K, they also now have hardware image stabilisation.

At $399 USD, the Black also boasts a 2-inch touchscreen display and can be dunked into 30 feet of water without a separate housing. The Session model is $100 cheaper.

GoPro Karma drone and controller
GoPro Karma drone and controller

Also shown off in a livestream announcement is an insect-like drone called the Karma which rather neatly offers a gimballed housing for the camera which then detaches to be used handheld.

A display is included with the joystick controller and the unit will cost $799 USD or $999 to include one of the new GoPro Session cameras (another $100 for the Hero5 Black)

Neatly, the device’s little wings¬†also¬†fold back so as to make it more compact for travel.

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