Updated compact cam from Sony

Sony has announced version 4 of its RX10 fixed-lens stills and video camera.

The new model boasts a claimed “world’s fastest” autofocus and has a Zeiss 24-600mm (35mm equivalent) lens which ramps from f2.4 at the wide end to f4 as you zoom. There’s optical stabilisation to counterbalance your wonkiness.

Sony RX10 IV
Sony RX10 IV

Essentially it’s an “all in one” imaging device for people who can’t be bothered with all that messing about with changing lenses. It takes stills at up to 24 frames per second and does 4K (actually UHD – 3840 x 2160 pixels) video at 24 / 30fps (presumably 25 in PAL-land?). The codec is XAVC-S, inevitably, at up to 100Mbps.

Shooting in HD gives you a slowmo mode of 120fps (again, 100 in PAL we presume – the press release is all in US spec despite being on the European website. We hope it does European framerates though, this trend towards assuming 25/50 doesn’t matter anymore is really annoying when you have to match footage from multiple sources. But we digress…)

Sony RX10 IV (rear view)
Sony RX10 IV (rear view)

What else has it got? Oooh, a mic input and a headphone jack – bit of a novelty for a Sony camera. It’s got S-Log3 too.

Brace yourself though – it’s going to sell for 2000 Euros. Ouch.

You can read the full press release here: http://presscentre.sony.eu/pressreleases/sonys-new-rx10-iv-combines-lightning-fast-af-and-24-fps-continuous-shooting-with-versatile-24-600mm-f2-dot-4-f4-zoom-lens-2143949


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