Revised mini mic for iphones

Rode has announced a new version of its popular “Videomic Me” mini shotgun microphone, specifically for iphones which no longer have an audio jack.

Rode Videomic Me-L on an iphone
Rode Videomic Me-L on an iphone

Instead, the Videomic Me-L has a Lightning connector so it can plug directly into the phone – and draw power from them so no batteries needed. The mic even has a standard TRS 3.5mm headphone jack built in so you can monitor your sound as you record. It’s built of aluminium so it should be sturdy.

Frequency range is 20-20kHz with a signal to noise ratio of 74.5dB. It samples at 24bit, 44.1 or 48kHz.

As with prior versions, a fluffy windjammer is included.

We think this is a nice addition to any iphone videomaker’s arsenal – the importance of good sound cannot be underestimated and this is a quick and easy way to instantly improve phone recordings.

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