New lav mic for Rode wireless

Rode has released a lavalier microphone specifically designed to work with its tiny wireless mic transmitter the “Wireless Go”

Image of Rode lavalier microphone with tie clip and foam windshield

The new lav is an omnidirectional condenser with a frequency range quoted as 20Hz-20kHz and signal to noise ratio of 67dB. It can handle up to 110dB SPL and has a dynamic range of 83dB.

The mic takes its power (2.7V) from the 3.5mm TRS jack on its end. It should work with any other suitably-equipped standard recording device too. The cable is Kevlar-reinforced.

Accessories include a tieclip and a foam windshield but not apparently a fluffy windjammer for outdoor recording.

The mic is likely to cost $79 USD. Check for info

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