New short shotgun from Rode

Rode Microphones are not ones to rest on their extensive laurels and have just announced another addition to their range of “NTG” shotgun microphones.

The NTG5 is said – by them! – to be “a revolution” in shotgun microphone design, featuring a new “acoustic port design” and very lightweight construction as well as low self-noise of 10dBA.

The mic is just 203mm long and weighs 76g, making it particularly suitable either for boompole use or for some on-camera ENG type applications.

NTG5 on a boom pole

They say it has a “natural, uncoloured” sound and a supercardiod pickup pattern. It’s also said to be reliable in adverse environments, with “excellent” resistance to wet conditions, high humidity, severe cold, and dust.

The “acoustic port design” is all about the slots you normally get on the side of shotgun mics; on this mic they’re using dots instead of slots – oooh! – and this is a development of the design used in their TF5 mic.

Costing $499 USD, the NTG5 is supplied as a complete package with WS10 windshield, pistol grip and other accessories.

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