New tiny camcorder from Panasonic

Hang on – a what? A new camcorder? I thought those had gone totally out of fashion or something but apparently not. Panasonic is releasing not only a “pro” cut-down version of its CX handheld 4K 50/60p cams but will even have consumer versions available as well.

It looks as though the new AG-CX10 will be about the same size as a Sony NX80 / Z90, or a Canon XF400/500 but on paper at least it packs a punch.

There’s the aforementioned 4K at 50/60p, recorded internally at 4:2:0 10-bit at up to 200Mbps in HEVC (with 4:2:2 10-bit at 25/30p) as well as output in 4:2:2 10 bit for external recording.

File formats include mp4, mov and AVCHD plus AVC Ultra.

Unfortunately all this great stuff is likely, we’re guessing and based on prior experience with Panny’s camcorders, to be rather spoiled by the use of a teensy-tiny 1/2.5 inch sensor which will surely have terrible performance in anything other than lovely bright sunlight. What a shame.

The lens is the usual Leica Dicomar with equivalent 35mm range of 25mm to 600mm. Two (servo) control rings are provided which can control focus, zoom and iris.

There are 3 levels of ND filter available and a cute little LED light built into the front for that “rabbit in the headlights” news interview.

Optical and electronic image stabilisation correct for five axis of movement and there’s a built-in WiFi which can stream directly to YouTube and Facebook.

Price in the UK will be £1,916 + VAT but the slightly cut-down consumer versions, which have the labels HC-X2000 and HC-X1500, will be cheaper.

Have a gander at the official blurb here:

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