Rode shrink the NT-USB mic

I’m a big fan of Rode’s NT-USB tabletop voiceover mic; it sounds good and plugs straight into any USB computer for immediate recording with no messing about.

Now they’ve released a new, smaller version called – wait for it – the NT-USB Mini.

It offers a directional (cardioid) pickup pattern and has a built-in pop filter.

It comes with a magnetic desk stand so you can stick it to any metal arm you care to use. This detaches if you prefer to screw the mic to a conventional stand.

The mic has a 360-degree swing mount as well so it can be positioned pretty much any way you like.

There’s also a built-in headphone amplifier with 3.5mm jack, for zero-latency monitoring.

A/D conversion is 24-bit at 48kHz with Rode promising “extremely low distortion and very high dynamic range”. Frequency response is 20Hz-20kHz.

Given how much I liked the original NT-USB, the new version at $99 USD sounds like a bit of a bargain. Find out more at

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