“New” Sony 4K camcorder

Sony has unveiled a cut-down version of its top consumer-grade camcorder (the AX53) called the AX43.

Sony AX43

Essentially an AX53 minus a controllable lens ring and viewfinder, the AX43 shoots 4K 25p (30p USA) with a Balanced Optical Steadyshot System known as BOSS in which the entire lens and sensor are gimballed internally for a smooth image while moving.

Everything else about the camcorder seems much the same as the AX53 in terms of sensor, audio, features (though the spec list omits live streaming from the AX43, which the 53 can apparently do)

Despite having fewer functions than the AX53 the price isn’t that much cheaper, at an estimated 700 euros when it becomes available in July.

We’d still buy the AX53 unless the fractionally smaller (shorter) body is critical to your needs.

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