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Sony HDR-AZ1VR with the bigger AS100VR

New tiny action cam from Sony

Sony’s snappily-named AS100VR has had some extremely good reviews but the company has apparently decided that at 92 grams it’s just too darned heavy for tired old outdoor activity people…

GoPro 3 Way mount held by snowboarder

*Another* mount for a GoPro?!

GoPro just can’t get enough of ways to hold on to their diminutive action cam. Now they’ve launched the “3-way”, not quite as saucy as it sounds, but a combination…

JVC "Adixxion" action cam

Action cam update from JVC

JVC has announced a groovy-sounding new version of its “Adixxion” action camera – a tiny video camera designed for uses such as outdoor sports or in-car recording. The GC-XA2 features…