GoPro gets smartphone control

GoPro has released a new app (for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone) which enables you to control the tiny action-cam from your smartphone.

You can also play back videos and view still images, and upload to places such as Instagram and Facebook. The app has a facility to create albums on your phone of your GoPro footage and you can deal with the tedious admin side of deleting files from the camera’s memory card too.

The idea is so that you can mount a GoPro in any inaccessible location yet still control it fully, from start/stop recording to battery checking.

It works with the HERO3 cameras as well as HD HERO2s with the WiFi “BacPac” add-on, though a firmware update is required.

Because the GoPro can record in high-res modes that some smartphones can’t play back properly, some modes are unsupported. But, rather cleverly, the GoPro is able to record one file at full rate whilst simultaneously capturing a low-res version as well, for sharing.

There’s a complicated compatibility matrix and more info at and you can download the firmware update at

GoPro has created a tutorial video too:

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