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Sony PXW-X70

Pro makeover for Sony handcam

*** Update, November 2014: we have now done some testing on the PXW-X70 and you can see the results here www.tubeshooter.co.uk/2014/12/02/test-videos-sony-pxw-x70/. We’ve also decided the X70 is the best “entry…

Sony CX900 from side

Which of 3 cameras is best?

Answer: It’s not easy to give a straightforward answer to which is “best” but perhaps we can provide some pointers. First of all, none of them are bad camcorders! They…

Sony CX900 from side

We’re not buying 4K right now

This year’s CES was something of a disappointment for the camcorder user. Sure, DSLRs are still all the rage for creative videomakers whilst the average consumer just whips out their…