Firmware update for Sony camcorder

Sony’s latest high-end consumer camcorder is having a quick makeover just a month or so since it became available.

New firmware for the CX900 and AX100 is available to download from Sony (see in the UK) and is said to

  • Improve autofocus tracking and accuracy
  • Makes the fast zoom that previously was only available during standby to now also be available when recording (useful for crash zooming either as an effect or just to reframe shots / while setting focus)
  • Adds a 1/30 shutter speed
  • Adds¬†support for copying XAVC-S format files

To perform the update you need to download the software from the above link, run the program and connect your camcorder over USB. It will then flash the camcorder’s built-in memory with the changes.

Users of the 4K version of the camcorder, the AX100 also get the tweaks, available at: /

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Sony CX900 firmware updater
Sony CX900 firmware updater

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