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Sony CX900 from side

Firmware update for Sony camcorder

Sony’s latest high-end consumer camcorder is having a quick makeover just a month or so since it became available. New firmware for the CX900 and AX100 is available to download from Sony (see www.sony.co.uk/support/en/product/HDR-CX900E in the UK) and is said to Improve autofocus tracking and accuracy Makes...

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Video Review: Sony HDR-CX900 camcorder

It’s got a massive sensor, shoots 50Mbps XAVC-S and has tons of manual controls. But is it any good? We take a look at Sony’s little brother to the AX100 – the CX900 camcorder. Read our full review here: www.tubeshooter.co.uk/2014/05/14/review-sonys-hdr-cx900-hd-camcorder/

Sony CX900

Review: Sony’s HDR CX900 HD camcorder

Introduction Sony’s HDR-CX900 camcorder is an unusual beast. It’s physically quite large – this is no pocketable take-on-holiday camcorder. The lower-end brother of the much talked-about FDR-AX100 which shoots 4K UltraHD video, the CX900 is identical except for lacking that 4K mode; its highest- quality...

Sony CX900 camcorder

Unbox / First Look: Sony CX900 camcorder

Sony’s latest top-end consumer camcorder boasts a 1″ sensor, a 50Mbps recording mode and multiple manual controls. But is it any good? We unbox it and give our initial thoughts. You can now read our full review at www.tubeshooter.co.uk/2014/05/14/review-sonys-hdr-cx900-hd-camcorder/