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Tascam DR-10C thumbnail

Review: Tascam DR-10CS audio recorder

This is a review of the Tascam DR-10C. It’s not a new product but having only recently purchased it, I’ve been so impressed that I thought a video and writeup was in order. It’s a tiny, lightweight (51g) audio recorder, designed to complement a radio...

Tascam DR-10CS and 10CL

Belt up for better sound

An interesting new product has been released by audio specialist Tascam in the shape of the DR-10C beltpack recorders. They’re designed to capture 24-bit, 48kHz mono audio from a lavalier (tie clip) microphone and store it onto micro SDHC cards, making them ideal for recording quality sound to...

Tascam DR-60d mk2

Tascam updates DSLR audio recorder

There’s a new version of Tascam’s audio recorder for DSLR video. The DR-60D MkII builds on the original, award-winning, release but has upgraded pre-amps. If you’re not familiar with it, the DR-60 is a compact audio recorder with balanced XLR inputs that’s designed to sit underneath...