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Sony HDR-AZ1VR with the bigger AS100VR

New tiny action cam from Sony

Sony’s snappily-named AS100VR has had some extremely good reviews but the company has apparently decided that at 92 grams it’s just too darned heavy for tired old outdoor activity people…

Sony RX10

New video codec for Sony RX10

Sony’s continued push of its XAVC S flavour of the H.264 codec has resulted in a firmware update for the popular “Cybershot” RX10 stills camera that also shoots video. Firmware…

Sony PXW-X70

Pro makeover for Sony handcam

*** Update, November 2014: we have now done some testing on the PXW-X70 and you can see the results here www.tubeshooter.co.uk/2014/12/02/test-videos-sony-pxw-x70/. We’ve also decided the X70 is the best “entry…