New mic adapter from Editors Keys

Editors Keys seem to be on something of a product development roll at the moment. Hot on the heels of their cheapie – sorry, low cost – vocal booth, they’re now offering a new XLR-to-USB microphone adapter as well.

We’ve seen these things before of course, such as the X2U from Shure or the Alesis Miclink. Both of these in our experience are a bit “hissy” (the latter unbearably so) so it remains to be seen whether Editors Keys have made a decent fist of it, especially at their introductory offer price of just £40.

Editors Keys XLR to USB adapter
Editors Keys XLR to USB adapter

The specs seem OK though with a signal to noise ratio of 89dB and distortion of 0.01%. Sampling is 16 bit at up to 48kHz. The gadget is claimed to plug straight into Mac or PC and will provide 48V of phantom power for those mics that demand it.

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