Atomos attempt to redefine HDMI

Video recorder manufacturer Atomos has grandly and boldly announced that it intends to redefine the¬†HDMI¬†interface “for the professional video industry”.

In essence they’re saying that despite SDI being the “pro” standard for digital video interchange due to it having pro-quality features (not least of which is a nice locking connection so that cables don’t fall out while filming), they think HDMI is¬†now adopted by so many professional-grade products including their own that it’s time a better version was introduced.

Their proposed standard – let’s not be so¬†hasty as to¬†label it an actual standard just yet – includes SDI-like “auto start/stop trigger and timecode”. In other words, you should be able to send start and stop recording control instructions over the cable from and to your remote device. Just like that pro SDI connection does.

Atomos refer to SDI’s connector merely as “firmer, tight fitting” rather than a locking BNC and say they’ve developed a range of “tight fitting” HDMI cables to bridge the gap between the two technologies. So, not locking then. So, not as good then.

Still, top marks for effort to the Aussie firm for acknowledging the popularity of the lower-cost HDMI interface and releasing their version as a free and open (proposed) standard.

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