Lock up your HDMI

HDMI connectors are pretty much ubiquitous on consumer – and even some professional – camera and camcorder gear but they’re really a bit crap due to their inability to lock into place. Contrast with decent connector formats such as BNC (for HD-SDI) or even XLR (for audio) and you can appreciate how flimsy and liable to trouble an HDMI cable really is.

The issue becomes critical, of course, if you’re not simply using the HDMI to monitor what you’re filming but sending the signal to an external recorder. The cable falling out or working loose could be catastrophic.

To address this, on the Canon 5D Mk2 and Mk3 at least, SmallHD have developed a “port protector”. Perhaps cruelly, it reminded us of the mask worn by “Bane” in the Batman films but it’s a plastic locking mask into which the HDMI cable is securely attached. With the 5DMk3 version, the USB cable is also protected.

SmallHD HDMI lock for Canon 5DMk3
SmallHD HDMI lock for Canon 5DMk3

The company says it’s “a firm connection that’s able to withstand pulls, jerks and drops” and weighs less than an ounce. The price is a bit steep mind you, at $49.99 USD but that includes a 1.5m HDMI cable – and what price your precious footage, after all?

Here’s their product video – and you can get more info at www.smallhd.com

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