Unboxing: Panasonic HC-VX870 4K camcorder

Here’s an unboxing and quick look around Panasonic’s HC VX870 camcorder, new for 2015, which shoots 4K at 25p (30p in the US).

Essentially it’s identical to the HC-WX970 but the 970 includes an tiny extra camera on the flip-out LCD screen that enables you to film yourself filming something. I’ve no idea why you’d want to do that. More test videos are below.

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Here is a test video, 4K footage uploaded directly with no editing or processing so it’s in the best quality you’ll get from YouTube – remember it is substantially re-compressedĀ by YouTube though:

And here’s a test of some edited footage which was also colour corrected slightly and the levels brought down quite a lot – the camera appears to overexpose and clip the highlights quite a lot:

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