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Video Review: Panasonic’s HC-VX870 4K camcorder

Our Editor’s review of Panasonic’s 4K consumer-grade camcorder, the HC-VX870 (essentially the same as the WX-970 but that also has an extra camera on the LCD) He is, of course, an idiot with regard to the self-levelling feature: you turn it off with one of the...

Video: Panasonic HC-VX870 4K camcorder tests

While we work on the full-blown review video for the website and our YouTube channel, here’s our ever-growing playlist of test videos for Panasonic’s HC-VX870 (essentially the same as the WX970) 4K camcorder including comparisons with Sony’s rival cam, the AXP33.

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Unboxing: Panasonic HC-VX870 4K camcorder

Here’s an unboxing and quick look around Panasonic’s HC VX870 camcorder, new for 2015, which shoots 4K at 25p (30p in the US). Essentially it’s identical to the HC-WX970 but the 970 includes an tiny extra camera on the flip-out LCD screen that enables you...

Panasonic WX970 Camcorder

HDR and 4K for Panasonic camcorders

Two significant feature additions have been unveiled within Panasonic’s latest range of consumer camcorders at CES 2015 – but there’s one major subtraction and a couple of catches. The HC-WX970, HC-VX870 and HC-V770 all boast “HDR” – High Dynamic Range – within video mode, which...