Video Review: Panasonic’s HC-VX870 4K camcorder

Our Editor’s¬†review of Panasonic’s 4K consumer-grade camcorder, the HC-VX870 (essentially the same as the WX-970 but that also has an extra camera on the LCD)

He is, of course, an idiot with regard to the self-levelling feature: you turn it off with one of the few physical buttons on the camcorder, which he¬†completely overlooked as they’re otherwise so limited in use.

PLEASE, PLEASE NOTE: this video has been *extensively* recompressed not only by Tubeshooter¬†so as to make the upload a manageable size – it was still 4GB! – but also then by YouTube, so the video samples shown inherently do not reflect the camcorder’s ability. There’s no way round this other than me buying a 100Gb-upload leased line (that ain’t gonna happen)

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Panasonic VX870:

Panasonic WX970:

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