Entry level 4K handycam from Sony

For those who wondered why Sony’s little HXR-NX100 camcorder (reviewed here) doesn’t shoot 4K, here’s the answer and solution – they’ve announced a separate 4K version of it but take a deep breath – it’s a lot more costly than its HD little brother.

Sony PXW-Z150
Sony PXW-Z150

Unlike the NX100 which retails at around £1,200 GBP, the new PXW-Z150 will set you back £3,500!

It does apppear to simply be an NX100 on steroids so that price jump is a bit steep but if you want and need 4K in a pro-style camcorder then maybe it’s worth your while though we suspect Panasonic’s DVX200 (which we looked at here) will be getting much of that attention.

Specs on the Z150 include a 1-inch “stacked” Exmor sensor, a fixed 12x optical zoom, wireless live streaming and FTP.

Get the gen from Sony themselves at https://www.sony.co.uk/pro/press/pr-sony-introduces-brand-new-pxw-z150

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