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Rycote Super Softie video featured image

Video Review: Rycote Super Softie (revised for 2015)

Last year Rycote introduced the Super Softie, a fur-less windjammer for shotgun microphones. They’ve now revised the design and our editor took it up a blustery hill to see how well it works. If you’d like to buy one, please do so via our Amazon...

Aputure VS-2 thumbnail

Video Review: Aputure V-Screen VS-2 7″ monitor kit

The V-Screen VS-2 monitor kit from Aputure contains a 7-inch IPS-type display for mounting on top of a camcorder or camera so that you get a better view of what you’re filming, and it has some built-in tools to help you with the technicalities of your shooting too....

Shoulderpod S1 reveiw thumbnail

Video Review: Shoulderpod S1 phone grip

DSLR cameras may be out of fashion for casual snapping as everyone turns to their increasingly-good mobile phones for stills and video but they do have one huge ergonomic advantage – a proper grip. Every DSLR and full-size camera has a wedge on the end...

Sony PXW-X180

Video Review: Sony PXW-X180 camcorder

Sony’s PXW-X180 camcorder is identical to the PXW-X160 except that it adds GPS and WiFi. They’re the latest in a long line of news-gathering, fly-on-the-wall documentary and event camcorders which began with the legendary Z1 and went through the Z5, EX1 and so on. At the front...

Aputure VS-2 monitor

Unboxing: Aputure VS-2 monitor kit

We’re currently taking a good look at this neat low-cost monitor kit from Aputure which sits between their VS-1 and VS-3 variants but in the meantime while our review is underway, here’s our unboxing and first look.

Aputure HR672 video thumbnail

Video Review: Aputure HR672 LED light

The the latest LED panel light from Aputure is the HR672. We’re testing the bi-colour version so it ‘s badged the HR672C. The 672 in the name refers to the number of LEDs on the panel, so they’re more tightly-packed than the 528 in the previous model....

Sony PXW-X70

Video Review: Sony PXW-X70 camcorder

Sony’s PXW-X70 camcorder might look like their top-end consumer model (the CX900) with a handle on top but it’s much more than that. The X70 is substantially redesigned in hardware and firmware to create a true pro camcorder, albeit in miniature. That redesign is first...


Video Review: Rode Stereo Videomic X

Rode’s Stereo Videomic X is unusual in their “Videomic” line up in that it’s not cheap. Whereas prior models like the Videomic Pro and Videomic GO have been entry level, the X is firmly in the professional – at least enthusiastic amateur – category, retailing...