Video Review: iOgrapher for iPad

A brief review and test of the iOgrapher for iPad – a hard but flexible plastic shell that turns your iPad into a more fully-featured video making tool.

Red Giant Universe

Invitation to join Red Giant Universe

They’re spinning the announcement in a terrifically positive way (of course) but it seems as though plug-in software developer Red Giant has taken a leaf out of Adobe’s book and wants us all the start paying them on an ongoing basis. Their new offering, labelled...

Vimeo logo

$$CASH$$ up for grabs from Vimeo

Video hosting platform says it’s set aside a development pot of ten million US dollars to support projects hosted under their paid on-demand system. There’s a catch of course – creators must have raised over $10,000 on specific crowdfunding platforms or have been accepted to...

New kit from Audio-Technica

Fancy a new set of bargain cans or a really rather costly vocals mic? Audio Technica has both! Being introduced at the Pro Light & Sound event this month, the company’s rolling out headphones snappily labelled the ATH-M20x, ATH-M30x and ATH-M40x. They’re the little sisters...

Mono XLR socket

Connecting Pro mics to your consumer camcorder

The problem Many camcorder users, quite rightly, wish to improve their sound quality and an obvious way to do that is to use an external microphone rather than the inbuilt ones on the camcorder. But whereas consumer camcorders boast a 3.5 mm stereo socket to...

Rode Film Competition Prizes

Win BIG with Rode mics

How do you fancy grabbing a share of $70,000 USD worth of fabulous filming gear? Of course you do. Thanks then to Australia’s Rode Microphones who’ve launched a short film competition, promising exactly that. It’s labelled “My Rode Reel”, runs from March 1st this year...

Atomos Ninja Blade

Ninja gets a Blade

Atomos have announced a new version of their compact hard-drive video units, the Ninja Blade. The various Ninjas are all designed to be attached to camcorders and offer better quality recordings than the camcorder itself. Helpfully, they also have a screen so you can view...

Padcaster for the iPad Air

Kickstart needed for mini Padcaster

The Padcaster company, which produces the self-titled metal-and-plastic frame into which you can slot an iPad so as to add on filming accessories, is asking for film makers’ support in its latest venture, producing a smaller version of the product for the iPad Mini. The...