New firmware for Panasonic GH4

The Panasonic GH4 quickly became a smash hit with video-makers and now there’s a tweak to its internal firmware to give you “enhanced controllability and performance”. Heady stuff.

Specifically, the HDMI output’s been updated so that timecode and a recording control – as defined by standalone recorder manufacturer, Atomos – is embedded into the signal. In other words, you can start and stop your Atomos device from the record button on the camera, rather than having to do so on both gadgets separately.

Happy people using Panasonic's GH-4
Ridiculously happy people using Panasonic’s GH-4

Another tweak is that both FHD at 30p/25p or 60p/50p is now selectable for output over HDMI while recording video in FHD at 30p/25p.

Panasonic says their companion XLR audio box, the DMW-YAGH, will also be updated to support the upgrade and that 60i/50i (30 PsF /25 PsF) or 60p/50p is selectable for the output via SDI.

Altogether this means your monitoring and recording options off the camera itself just became a bit more flexible.

The firmware will be released in December from

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