Canon HF-G25 with screen flipped

How best to record audio for a fishing documentary?

Answer: Clearly the wired mic is a non-starter. As soon as you or the angler moves, the wire’s going to yank away from his clothes or pull out of the camera, or you’re both going to trip over the wire and so on. Your Rode...

Panasonic x920

Best bargain consumer camcorder

After some dismal years when enthusiastic videographers were denied camcorders with manual controls and a range of abilities unless they shelled out for low-end professional gear, the top end of the consumer camcorder market has of late been reborn, thanks in part to YouTube and...

Audio Technica ATR3350

Best bargain tie-clip mic

In a world of poor audio on far too many Internet videos, the Audio Technica ATR3350 lapel microphone proves that there is simply no excuse. An absolute bargain at around £20 GBP – and $25 USD apparently – this little marvel may be basic in...